SLOE JACK Establishes His Stomping Ground With Debut Album, 'BACKSTAB' [Album Review]

Olive Soki

It is getting increasingly difficult to describe artists without using multiple hyphens, and musical references. And, while I’ve yet to hear of a theory of relativity that explains the correlation between hyphenated descriptions and the quality of said music, I’d say SLOE JACK’s sound is somewhat near the goldilocks zone. Described as a mix of electronic, punk, and hip-hop, the Australian artist seems to have found an agreeable mixture which intersects perfectly between these three energetic genres.

Finally offering the first of what will hopefully be many fully packaged SLOE JACK experiences, he’s shared his debut project titled BACKSTAB. Featuring celebrated singles and some newer tracks, BACKSTAB sees him taking on the beast that is self-sabotage and everything that comes along with it. Starting with the muddy and amped up opener “WIRED," he unveils the project's sonic palette as well as its recurring lyrical themes. In this case, the subject is being drawn into complicated, yet exciting relationships. Following through with the title track, he elaborates on these habits, this time taking on doubt and self-depreciation. Although these topics are somewhat central to the project there are also moments of — dare I say — empowerment, like the single “PARADE,” which will surely leave you amped up and ready to stomp along with him.

When thinking of the overarching sonic feel of the project, amplitude and grit are the first words that would come to mind. Lathered with stomping drum patterns and fuzzy soul scraping backtracks — think “RENEGADE” — he’s found the perfect energetic edge without bleeding into white noise territory.

What I would consider a well deserved win, BACKSTAB solidifies the praise and support SLOE JACK’s received prior to its release.

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