Snoop Dogg May Have Just Revealed Himself as Crypto Expert and Owner of Popular NFT Twitter Account

Miles Opton

Snoop Dogg is a name the media just can’t seem to get away from. The Doggfather has become increasingly involved in various ventures, entertainment opportunities, and now… NFTs? This week Snoop announced via Twitter that he is the owner of @CozomoMedici, a Twitter account that discusses NFTs and owns about 100 crypto tokens. Sure, Snoop has sold NFTs in the past, but that’s nothing new for celebrities compared to an in-depth commitment to running this account. But, we’ll let you decide for yourself whether you think the hip-hop pioneer is truly the man behind the curtain.

On Monday (Sep. 20),  five minutes after @CozomoMedici tweeted about immediately revealing their identity, Snoop tweeted “I am @CozomoMedici.” Days earlier, CozomoMedici also ran a poll inviting followers to guess who the owner was, however, oddly, Snoop wasn’t one of the options listed. Although this detail doesn’t look promising for the rapper, there is some truth lent to Snoop’s claim due to the fact that many of the NFTs listed are cannabis themed. An NFT posted by the account of a cat smoking a joint and wearing a marijuana leaf as clothing right after Snoop’s announcement is now Snoop’s Twitter profile picture. Also, minute, but a potential clue in this mystery is the fact that Cozomo always signs off with a wine emoji - a passion and investment of Snoop’s with his ownership of the wine company 19 Crimes.

Earlier this month, previous Snoop collaborator, Jason Derulo, thanked Cozomo via twitter for helping him purchase an NFT. The two worked together on Derulo’s 2014 hit single, “Wiggle,” and a retweet from Cozomo regarding the facilitated purchase read similar to a Snoop flow: “On the shores of Lake Como. @jasonderulo and Cozomo. Better hide yo punks cause we no longer Ridin’ Solo.”

The CozomoMedici account, which is named after the famous Italian banker, Cosimo de’ Medici, has become significant since its inception in August due to its detailed documentation on the NFT sphere, as well as having over 140 NFTs attached to their OpenSea account. Some of the NFTs were also purchased for millions of dollars in the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

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