Miami's Solezz Happily Rides Solo in Latest Single, "Just Me"

Rachel Guttman

20-year-old Miami-based musician, Solezz, makes his return to the Sheesh pages with his energetic new banger, “Just Me.” Having only been creating music for about two years, Solezz, otherwise known as Dean, has been experimenting and trying new methods of creation, which evidently seem to work for his music style. His previous single, “Pretend,” put his true talent for music on display to audiences worldwide. With his release of “Just Me,” Dean has shown an even wider range of musical capabilities with the piece being a true testament to his growth as a musician.

“Just Me” is an upbeat melodious track in which Dean combines elements of hip hop and electronic dance music. He sings about the feeling you get when you love someone more than they love you back. His descriptive lyrics describe how he was hurt, so they went their separate ways – at the end of the day, it is “just him" and he feels better being on his own. The flawless production paired with the hip hop flows are carefully weaved together to create a melody that stands out amongst his other discographies. Turn up your speakers and go take a listen to Solezz new track below:

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