Sophie Holohan Shares New Single, “Cognitive Dissonance”

Kieran Kohorst

If the name Sophie Holohan doesn’t sound familiar, her voice almost definitely will. You probably heard her while scrolling through TikTok, where over 30,000+ videos have been soundtracked by her song “butterfly effect - demo,” a soft and optimistic song that inspired users to share their own accounts of strange coincidences set into place by seemingly insignificant events.

Her newest track, “Cognitive Dissonance,” is also inspired by hard-to-believe realities but has a more contemplative tone. Anchored by a driving chorus and the theme of self-sabotage, Holohan showcases maturity in her writing to complement her proven vocal talent. Having garnered support from names such as Catie Turner, Meghan Trainor, and Sabrina Carpenter, Holohan’s fanbase exceeds TikTok snippets and social media trends.

Well-written and similarly produced, the idea of conflict that centers the track extends even further: “stacked harmonies that are actually more musically consonant than dissonant create a kind of dissonance between the meaning and the sound of the word,” Holohan says in elaboration of the song’s significance. Clearly a creative and developed artist, she attends Berklee College of Music while writing and producing her own music. Self-described as a soft folk singer-songwriter that pulls from R&B and pop, her influences allow for a diverse and comprehensive musical output. As she builds momentum as an artist, Holohan is deserving of a listen for fans of any genre.

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