Spotify Announces Their New "Featured Curators" Playlist Program

Olive Soki

As the conglomerate continues to take over the music streaming business, Spotify is looking to innovate the world of music sharing and curating through a new pilot program. Available for a limited amount of time, the "Featured Curator" program will highlight user-curated playlists alongside their own.

This new feature feels like a clear step forward for the company. Having established themselves as a discovery-friendly service through various genre-based playlists and efficient algorithms, the "Featured Curators" program will give an opportunity to music lovers to share their personalized playlists with a wider audience.

Following the addition of their Blend playlists, which allow up to ten people to collaborate on a playlist, this new expansion will contribute to Spotify's ongoing mission to prioritize user interaction and engagement. By increasing the social aspect of the app, Spotify could become more than a streaming service, eventually crossing over to the realm of social networking.

Still in its early stages, the pilot program will only be available to Spotify users who already have a following on the app, as well as playlists with a considerable following. But if all goes well, the Spotify community is in for a unique and exciting experience.

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