Spotify's New Patent Can Analyze Your Voice and Make Music Suggestions

Noah Schwartz

Technology is constantly advancing, and with that – the corporations have to stay on top of implementing new ways to keep the consumer on their platform. Spotify has been pretty good about that as they keep introducing things that can enhance the users experience while using the service.

Recently Spotify has filed a patent that will allow Spotify to track your voice and make music recommendations. “Identification of taste attributes from an audio signal” is the generic patent name. It was first filed back in February 2018 and was granted on January 12th, 2021. Spotify says the new patent covers a method of processing an audio signal that includes speech content and background noise. The patent would then identify playable content the user would enjoy, “based on the processed audio signal content.”

Personalized recommendations aren’t necessarily new as we’re used to it with Siri, but letting a service analyze your voice to then make recommendations seems a bit creepy. This will let them essentially collect data about you in many different ways such as your age, your playlists, and all the other traditional methods. Here’s the catch, it can also categorize your mood by speech so if you’re happy, stressed, sad, angry, neutral... Spotify can now use that information and give you suggestions based on your emotional state. Staying up with the trends and figuring out the best ways for music discovery has always made Spotify the superior streaming service. Have they crossed the line with this though? Sometimes, I do struggle finding music that I want to listen to but not really sure if I’d want the app taking note of everything I’m saying. Even if it were to make the process of listening to music easier.

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