Summer Walker Is 'Still Over It' but the World Is Not over Her [Album Review]

Taylor Contarino

Sometimes, we come across things in life that are so beautiful, emotional, and enigmatic that we don’t have the right words to express them - Summer Walker’s sophomore studio album, Still Over It, is one example of such inconceivable beauty. Released with Love Renaissance and Interscope Records, R&B sensation Summer Walker uses Still Over It as a means of inviting listeners into her universe, revealing her deepest emotions and most emotional thoughts on love, lust, and loss. The world is not, and will never be the same after the release of Still Over It, and the internet has erupted into an influx of emotions, praise, and encouragement for Summer Walker, who bares her soul in her music like nobody else can. After an exciting album roll-out featuring Summer’s hard-drive, we finally have the privilege of listening to twenty brand new tracks from Summer Walker, adding up to a solid one hour and three minutes of soulful, sensual serenity. Without a doubt, Summer Walker and her magical hard-drive have entered the musical hemisphere and have, routinely, changed the very essence of the R&B aura as a whole. 

 “Bitter” (Narration by Cardi B)

“Do it your own way and do it beautifully, do it special

If you are pregnant and everything, say it in a beautiful way in your music

Even though you have problems, put that drama in your music, yeah

'Cause if bitches wanna get clout off you, you gonna get clout off them

And you gonna put that shit in your music.”

“Bitter,” featuring Summer Walker and Cardi B, is a track that completely redefines musical artistry, and redefines what it means to artfully create music inspired by the words of another. This track is a masterpiece from beginning to end, and is utterly riveting in the way that it so earnestly and authentically uses emotion. Every word from Summer’s lips is filled with emotion and passion, radiating energy throughout the track. At the end of Summer’s songful soliloquy, we get special access to a narrative voicemail directly from Cardi B, who encourages and inspires Summer to put her emotions into her music rather than letting bitter ex-girlfriends get to her and ruin a moment that is meant to be hers. Setting the standard for the soulfulness and depth of the album, “Bitter” is, in my opinion, one of the best album-openers to exist in R&B. Summer and Cardi’s collaborative masterpiece of a track is awe-inspiring, and truly entices listeners to keep listening to hear the words that Summer has been motivated to share with the world. 

“Ex For A Reason” (with JT from City Girls)

“Lord, you know how hard it is (it is)

Dealing with the pain

Day to day over one man (all the shit)

She can never be what I am

But as long as he with me

That's what it's gon' be”


“Ex For A Reason” is the second song off of Still Over It, and it also marks the first and only single released by Summer preliminary to the complete album. “Ex For A Reason” is a collaboration between Summer and JT from City Girls, who introduces Summer to a more upbeat rhythm than she normally uses. Although this type of beat is different for Summer, it’s exciting for listeners to be exposed to a new side of Summer, while containing some of her natural musical style. JT also adds an energetic twist to Summer’s alluring rhythm and blues style with a strong hip-hop verse.

JT (left) with Summer Walker (right)


“No Love” (with SZA)

“If I did it all again

I would give like ten percent

You deserve like half of that

I'ma need my money back”


“No Love” by Summer Walker and SZA is the collaboration that every R&B lover has been waiting for- and it did NOT disappoint. Reminiscing over unappreciative and unloyal ex-lovers, “No Love” is a track that you can feel in your soul, and is one that everybody will be using as a way to get over toxic ex-lovers. It’s fervent message and inspiring vibe makes for an empowering anthem that can help women get through tough times, and feel better about giving too much of themselves to ex-lovers who didn't deserve their best parts.



“All I wanted was for you to stay

It's the bare minimum for me

I don't wanna throw it all away

But you gon' have to reciprocate”


“Reciprocate” is a touching, emotional, and heartfelt ballad that pulls at your heartstrings and makes you want to cry, even if there’s nothing to cry about. The authenticity of Summer’s feelings and the way she inserts them into her music is a genuine talent.


“Session 33”

Long as they call your name

You'll continue to try to play these games

Leave your family in the cold and rain

And I don't think you'll ever change your ways

'Cause a house is not a home when no one's there

So alone, no one's there

Should I move on since no one's here?


If you cried at “Session 32,” brace yourself, because you’re going to cry just as hard, if not even harder at “Session 33.” This track is Summer’s masterful continuation of the original emotional masterpiece that is “Session 32.” Summer returns even more somber and sensitive (in the best ways) than ever before in “Session 33,” and the serene acoustic backtrack sets up the track for an incredibly emotional and melancholy reaction on behalf of the listener. When it comes to being a relatable artist, Summer Walker beats every other contender by a mile- it’s impossible to not relate to her raw, authentic self. She puts so much of herself into her music, and she deserves all of the praise in the world  and more for the way she is able to articulate her feelings and emotions through her music so beautifully. 


“4th Baby Mama”

Tellin' people that I'm your queen

But all you mean is just of R&B

I know you ain't care 'cause you always gone

How could you make me spend my whole fucking pregnancy alone?”


This track is impossible to beat, and is quite honestly the most authentic, genuine track that has been released into the R&B world in a very, very, very long time. It's hard to get more raw and honest than Summer Walker does in this song, and all the while, she still somehow manages to create a soft, feminine, and beautiful song that makes you want to listen on repeat. Summer’s way with words is incredulous – she is hard to beat in every single sense, and particularly when it comes to diss tracks, “4th Baby Mama” is absolutely top-tier. 


“Ciara’s Prayer” (Narration by Ciara)

“I pray the nеxt man of my life will be my husband. 

I pray he loves me, leads me, guides me, reassures me, I pray that he holds me, I pray that I have everything I want and need in him. 

I pray he will love me the way that you love me. 

Your love is unconditional. 

You are the way, the truth and the life, in you there's hope. Lord, you say "Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy", I believe in this pure love, this is what I want. Lord, thank you for reminding me who I am, I am a queen, I deserve to be treated like one. 

I'm a warrior, I will get up.

 I'm a child of God, I'm everything you say I am.

 I'm an overcomer, I'm built for this. 

Lord, I'm ready, in Jesus name, Amen”


Renowned R&B/Pop singer Ciara adds the finishing touch to Still Over It as she closes out Summer’s breathtaking musical masterpiece with a prayer that is captivating, enchanting, and entrancing. This is the type of album that nobody wants to end- however, “Ciara’s Prayer” provides a lovingly bittersweet end note that leaves listeners empowered, inspired, and filled with hope, passion, and confidence. This final piece to the puzzle offers listeners a high note to leave on- a note in which listeners can then be inspired to begin their personal healing journey after going through the emotional rollercoaster that was Still Over It.

Still Over It isn’t just an album at this point. The songs flows eloquently, like every track is a piece of a puzzle – an end product we as listeners can’t wait to unveil. Every single song on Still Over It is placed strategically and purposefully – this album literally gives exactly what it is supposed to give. The magical enigma that is Summer Walker, is an artist who doesn’t just cater to a small group of niche fans – when she produces music, she breaks boundaries and aims to change the world. There is a reason her music is so popular, and it’s not just because she has pretty lyrics and enjoyable beats. Her music is groundbreaking. Her lyrics are not just lyrics – they are her soul being drawn out on a canvas of lines and symbols. Her carefully selected beats offer a bed to her lyrics, and what we as listeners get on the receiving end is a finished product that no other artist can come close to. Summer Walker’s music is raw, captivating, and magical. She is one of few that has this distinct capability, and talent, of drawing in listeners like no other modern artist can. When she makes music, she doesn’t make it just to produce something. Summer Walker’s music is pure artwork – she is breaking boundaries, changing the game, and earning the heart and devotion of every single loyal listener. 

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