Sunday Scaries “Pick N Choose” Where They’re Headed Next

Perry Avgerinos
Dan Franco

If you’re not yet hip to Sunday Scaries, now is officially time to tap in. Coming off their hit single “Chill Like That” – which first started to explode on TikTok 8 months ago, the electronic duo has had some time to take a breather, and figure out their next move. With a newfound direction for where they want to take their sound, “Pick N Choose” reveals a bouncy, hip-hop infused house route, effortlessly blending two high-octane genres into one.

Featuring vocals that tonally sound like tobi lou, Sunday Scaries (made up of Will Ezell and Alex Hein) layer futuristic chords, and a juicy bassline under the lyrics “I got hightop Gucci shoes, and the whip look Pikachu…I’m sorry boo, no time for you / they lining up I pick n choose.” The playful lyrics instantly hook into your subconscious, only to reappear out of your mouth long after listening. After previewing this track at Sheesh’s afterparty earlier this month, we can confirm the wait was worth it.

With the recent collaboration track “Dressed For A Funeral” with Groupthink, and the announcement of a new song every month for the rest of 2023, momentum is shifting in favor of the boys. With a unique angle to their developing hip-hop / house sound, Sunday Scaries are taking over the summer, and “Pick N Choose” is just the start.

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