Susannah Joffe Stuns with New Coming of Age Anthem “Your Mother’s Name”

Ben Wego
Dylan Newton

Susannah Joffe is a star in the making with an aesthetic enveloped in stylish bolo ties, quirky makeup and ripped denim. Her voice shines with effervescence that fans of Phoebe Bridgers and beabadoobee will adore and penmanship that is wise beyond her years.

“Unrequited love is part of being young but I’m tired of sleeping by a warm gun / That's why your mother cries / That's why she's so fucking mean all the time” is the gripping chorus to the indie singer’s haunting new track “Your Mother’s Name.” The Texas native’s long awaited self produced song was teased on TikTok and achieved virality for its deeply personal and relatable lyrics. The track follows the idea of Joffe’s fear of becoming like a mother who blames her kids for her failed marriages, having never recovered from that heartbreak.

“Your Mother’s Name” presents a unique generational tie to heartbreak and how it has an impact on young love. The track is cinematic in its storytelling devices with details that invoke the nostalgic presence of a past lover. Joffe’s sincere lyricism cuts deep – “you’re an atheist and now I am too 'cause there’s no way a god would let me lose you” – with the sting of yearning and hesitant acceptance that unrequited love is just a part of being young.

“Your Mother’s Name” is the first single off of Susannah Joffe’s anticipated EP. It is a fresh and captivating coming of age perspective, a hidden gem that devoted indie fans will surely treasure.

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