SZA Releases New Chart-Topping Single, "I Hate U"

Taylor Contarino

SZA has been on a roll since 2017, and it doesn’t look like she’ll be stopping any time soon. Her debut studio-album, CTRL, dropped in 2017 and has redefined the meaning of Billboard 200, spending 200 weeks on the charts without leaving. Her distinct sonic vision, defined by her effortless voice and eclectic production choices have worked her way up the R&B food chain, where she now debatably occupies the #1 spot. 

“I Hate U” is SZA’s first release since her single “Good Days,” which was gifted to us on Christmas of last year. The track is an ode to her past lovers, with the chorus stating “And if you wonder if I hate you, I do, shitty of you to make me feel just like this, what I would do make you feel like this.” Highlighting her straightforward and transparent songwriting, while cohesively presenting her trademark sound through crisp electronic production and layered harmonies, “I Hate U” is quickly becoming another R&B trophy on SZA’s shelf.

“I Hate U” is already topping the charts, at the #1 spot on Spotify’s ‘USA Top 50’, even surpassing Brenda Lee’s “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree.” SZA took to Instagram to explain some more details about her latest release and how it came to fruition, stating, 

Despite not releasing much music independently this year, SZA has been involved in two major projects, featuring on Summer Walker’s chart topping album, Still Over It, and Doja Cat’s single, “Kiss Me More,”  from her Grammy-Nominated album, Planet Her.

As she has honestly described on her Instagram, a lot of the music that she releases is never even meant to actually reach the surface. We hope that, following this release, SZA releases music more consistently, but even if she doesn’t, it’ll always be worth the wait.

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