Tapped In: Bird and Byron

Conner Crosby

Bird and Byron, a new duo out of Columbus Ohio, have covered a lot of ground this year with their four releases to date representing an articulated progression from a very modern take on a slow, bluesy form of rock, to energetic retro alt-rock.⁣

On their most recent track, “Life is a Bore,” Bird and Byron tastefully appropriate a myriad of rock sounds, most prominently evoking the vibes of titans of the last two decades such as Weezer and Cage the Elephant.⁣

They do so, however, with slightly more subdued instrumentation that consequently places a healthy amount of emphasis on Bird’s outstanding vocals. The result is a very entertainingly melodic foray into the alt-rock genre, especially when combined with their music video for the song, which showcases the pair’s aesthetic charisma and comedic sensibilities very effectively.

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