Tapped In: Calabasas

Ian Tsang

Riding the success of their breakout year, LA based duo, Calabasas, releases their second track under their recent rebranding. The single, “Gory Love,” paints their signature style – yet again – across the musical/filmography canvas. Once again channeling Watrcup’s clever linguistics and Franskiiz’s masterful production, this single shows potential for your newest summer bop.

“I just know you won’t always see my best side,

I was hoping you would come back, come back, inside.”

With the added visuals, “Gory Love” is another testament to why Calabasas breaks the top three of 2021’s top rising artists. While the aesthetically flawless music video uplifts the chorus, Watrcup’s superior vocals are equally as catchy. Just as in previous records, Calabasas’ videos have a tendency to complement the musical counterpart.

The duo wastes no time: showing a quick turnaround from the success of their previous single, “First Time Thing” – which already amassed 130k+ streams in the first few weeks. And with a full-length album before that, the year has been monumental. Not only have they undergone rebranding, a new label, and endless releases, but their music has shifted as well – evolving the sound, but staying true to the passion which evidently keeps them hungry for success.

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