Tapped In: Danny Orange

Conner Crosby

Those of us who are fans of Overcast already know @danieljordank as an indispensable talent in the music industry, helping emerging artists create eye-catching music videos with his cinematic brilliance. Earlier in 2020, however, he too became an emerging artist, releasing his debut single “parachute” as danny orange.

danny’s new song “expensive” is a vibe-saturated anthem, with a subdued and punctuated vocal delivery, beautiful guitar solo, and lyrics that paint a very pleasant picture of the intersection between fun and success. In addition to performing the song, danny also wrote and produced the track, but this time with the notable helping hand of Internet Money’s Alec Wigdahl. What’s more, danny has now combined all of his talents in the form of a music video, providing a perfect depiction of the bliss described in his song, as well as the perfect opportunity for you to go check his work out on the Overcast YouTube channel.

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