Tapped In: Dom Sarfo

Miles Opton

Taking full advantage of Pat Corcoran’s label, Nice Work., and its mission to promote and protect artist’s creativity, Dom Sarfo delivers us a stimulating thermal music video for his new packaged single, “DOWN.” The Indiana native is back after eleven months with two raw atmospheres, filled with hard 808s and volatile melodic flows – setting the tone for a big year.

He says, “I made both of these songs at times when it felt like shit was caving in; when it felt like I was being doubted or overlooked. These are just a reminder to myself that I’m that nigga, and I’m working towards something bigger than me.” Channeling his refurbished ambitions, Sarfo is building a dark and powerful vision that transcends traditional trap music. “DOWN” and “HOLD MY OWN” are a reminder that this vision is coming to light soon, and with a whole new visual aesthetic for the rapper.

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