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Tapped In: redveil

In the pantheon of hip-hop’s most promising upcoming acts, none stand out quite like redveil. Following the massive success of his sophomore LP Niagara, the young rapper has apparently taken zero days off, as this week he returns with the video for his mega-hit “Weight." If you missed Niagara or any of the singles that have dropped since (I recommend his collab with AG Club) – now is the perfect time to become a fan.

Featuring a transcendental soul sample and hard-hitting percussion, “Weight” sees redveil effortlessly delivering fans a laid-back yet high-energy banger. For a track all about perseverance and resilience – it seems only fitting that the new video for “Weight” mirrors these ideas perfectly.

Running from the law in a dense cityscape, “Weight” features redveil providing some serious energy even with his hands in cuffs. Directed by Tyler Shuler, YSSHUA, and our hero himself – the visuals share much in common with “Weight” itself. Both the track and its visual are pure examples of effortless artistry from a young creative and his peers – fueled by nothing other than a simple desire to make something dope.

Whether staring at the viewer from behind a fence or through a mirror, redveil’s consistent ability to bring something unique to the table is what makes him one of the most promising upcoming artists today. With more music likely planned for 2021, I’m crossing my fingers fans won’t have to wait too long before redveil’s next drop.


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