Tate Brusa Is Head Over Heels on New Song “never been so in love”

Kieran Kohorst

For as unique and personal as love is, there are an abundance of clichés that can diminish the honest significance of the experience. On his latest release, Tate Brusa successfully makes the seemingly mundane and ordinary aspects of love sound entirely entrancing. With lyrics objective enough to be relatable, paired with a performance intimate enough to feel individualized, “never been so in love” is inspired from a feeling you wish to live in forever. The track summons the spirit of a romantic comedy film: digestible, amusing, and idyllic enough to motivate any listener to find someone who makes them feel just as this song does.

Emotionally adept for an 18 year old, Brusa grew up in Salt Lake City where his musical talents began when he was just two years old. Beginning with piano and growing to produce and engineer music, he has had plenty of time to develop his sound and direction as an artist. Citing Harry Styles, LANY, and John Mayer as musical inspirations, Brusa has effectively toed the line of drawing from his muses while still being distinctive. His first release in nearly two years, “never been so in love” is emblematic of all the reasons to become familiar with Brusa as he continues to grow artistically. Listen to the new track below:

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