Taylor Acorn Brings Emotions to Live with “Certified Depressant”

Ian Hansen

With each release, Virginia’s Taylor Acorn continues to put her charming spin on pop-punk with sprinkles of country influence. Her recent song “Certified Depressant” expresses raw passion and songwriting that so many around the world can relate to.

Acorn went to the style of music after her father’s passing and has turned it into something beyond special, as she has written for bands such as Simple Plan and just toured with Real Friends. “Certified Depressant” is her third song of the year, with one of them being one of her biggest songs to date, “I Think I’m In Love.”

Her new release has this distorted and filtered electric guitar riff that loops throughout and one of my favorite chorus’ from her. The animation in her delivery, as she sings “I’m a wreck, I’m a mess, I’m a certified depressant” illustrates how pure her songwriting is.

Taylor Acorn continues to impress, and her consistent run this year doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I am excited to hear how she continues to elevate her sound, as she seems to do so with each release. Acorn's tour also kicks off today, so check her out in a city near you.

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