Tessa Rae Explores The Vulnerabilities of Toxic Relationships On "Sick Love"

Ben Wego

Los Angeles singer, Tessa Rae provides insight into the world of a toxic relationship on her new alluring single “Sick Love," a heartbreak song about a twisted relationship enveloped with a soft eerie Alice in Wonderland-esque piano piece. 

On the chorus, “I′m getting sick of sick love/ Wake up calls and break ups/ We make up like everything's fine. Call me crazy, maybe I am but you make me / And sick love gets lonely sometimes”- Rae’s terminology of “Sick Love” is unique yet is derivative of a narrative that many people experience in relationships.

“Sick Love” is a self reflection piece, Rae’s lyrics are expressing awareness of the complexity of relationships and the way we are flawed in thinking that they’ll change even when we keep allowing the toxic cycle to continue and eventually spiral. Tessa Rae’s lyricism is raw and she vividly captures the destruction of a relationship through her metaphors - “How much heartbreak can a heart take / You're a brick wall / I′m an earthquake.” 

Fans of Madison Beer, Nessa Barrett, and Gracie Abrams will definitely want to add “Sick Love” to their playlists.

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