The Astronomers Come Through With Their Album, 'The Occasion' [Album Review]

Ian Hansen

The next band out of Wisconsin, The Astronomers just put together an alternative pop project full of summer-esque bangers with exquisite melodies.

Their lead singer Michael Stensland has a knack for harmonizing through effortless flows over guitar and piano laced beats that bring a nostalgic experience every time. He is accompanied by bass player Ben Baker and the chemistry is evident on the 11-track project which has propelled them to new highs.

The intro, “Bad Type” kicks the project off on a strong note, as Stensland sings his typical catchy melodies over this bouncy piano loop. “Ruin My Day” takes more of an acoustic approach that is arguably my favorite track on the project.

Michael said the project took over two years to make and thematically takes the approach of accepting change and being yourself. The band is taking the road starting January 5th in Milwaukee. Listen to The Occasion below:

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