THE BLOSSOM’s “HARDCORE HAPPY” Brings 90's Nostalgia to 2021

Audrey Brandes

HARDCORE HAPPY opens with an intro that smacks you with an overwhelming wave of nostalgia, captivatingly muted vocals, and alternative-90s-inspired production with a modern twist – and that’s just the first 30 seconds. THE BLOSSOM is back with what I would argue is their best release yet. It teeters somewhere between the realm of Fiona Apple and Charli XCX, marrying folk-style acoustic guitar riffs and contemporary beats. I can’t tell if it belongs on the soundtrack of a gritty Harmony Korine film or a modern coming-of-age story. And that versatility is what makes it so special.

I wouldn’t call HARDCORE HAPPY a particularly sad track, nor would I coin it as an uplifting anthem. It’s simply raw and authentic – striking a chord that no song has done for me in a long, long time. As they sing, “I just want them all to love me, I just need them all to need me,” THE BLOSSOM embraces vulnerability with a steely edge. The seamless flow into the chorus releases a symphony of musical and emotional elements in a way that feels simultaneously hesitant and explosive. On “HARDCORE HAPPY,” THE BLOSSOM captures the human experience in such a way that is rare and refreshing. All the while making it sound really good. Safe to say this one’s gonna be on repeat for a while.

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