THE BLSSM Combats Their Inner Self on “DIZZY”

Freddie Fine

THE BLSSM is quite literally one of my favorite people ever. Beyond their amazing tracks such as “HARDCORE HAPPY” and “SPORTS CAR,” they are an amazing performer (or so I have seen in videos), have impeccable style, and always display such confidence in who they are in a way that I really admire. 

THE BLSSM’s new single, “DIZZY,” demonstrates all aspects of their artistry while depicting their fight with their inner anxiety. Although on the surface it may seem like an ode to a significant lover, it is a depiction of how the visceral experiences truly manifest as a burdensome other. They describe what would normally be symptoms of being dizzy to portray what they have to endure every day while also attacking the perception of mental health, singing, “I wonder why I geek out am I just a freak now / I should go to sleep now if I wasn’t me I’d smoke some weed.” 

Speaking on the track, THE BLSSM said, “The production is an intentional hybrid of all of my different sonic influences, re-imagined into my own rendition of what pop feels and sounds like for me.” It is a perfect encapsulation of their unique sound, a sound which continues to grow so much upon each new release.

Watching the video will make you feel almost as dizzy as THE BLSSM is. Between chasing themself through a bodega to playfully dancing on a rooftop, it takes you on a dizzying path through the streets as they attempt to destroy their inner self. Speaking on the video, they said, “The video, directed by my friend and collaborator Sophie Hur, is a window into a surrealist world where two alternate BLSSMs are chasing each other around in a devious but playful dance together. It was inspired by a dream I had once where there were two versions of myself seeking the other out; I feel like that's exactly what personifies my dynamic with my anxiety. A constant chase and revelation: A narrative I feel and know all too well day to day.”

Expect more to come from THE BLSSM this year, and until then expect to have “DIZZY” on repeat. Listen below:

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