The China Blue Releases Electrifying New Single, “tonightfeelsdifferent”

Olive Soki

Following the release of the lofty and breezy “out of my mind,” The China Blue is back with another single, this time taking on a more atmospheric approach. Layered and luminescent, “tonightfeelsdifferent” is the electronic fever dream you never knew you needed.

Instrumentally scattered and ambient, “tonightfeelsdifferent” oozes tension. The altered tone of the bass, combined with the distant claps, almost serves as a breaker to his electrifying vocals – the overload being the glitch in the second verse. The result of this concoction is a tense, lethargic and mind-altering song. Giving off the feeling that you are running around, dazed, overrun by emotions, and bordering on satisfaction, much like Seth (The China Blue) in the songs accompanying music video directed by Annie Yan, “tonightfeelsdifferent" perfectly embodies that aching sense of anticipation.

Marking his second release of the year following his 2021 debut EP, "tonightfeelsdifferent” contributes to his growing discography. Recently featured on Tidal and Spotify curated playlists, as well as endorsed by various music publications, The China Blue feels like an obvious choice in the ever-growing roster of up-and-coming artists.

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