The Golf Club Drops New Relaxing Single, “soda stain”

Rachel Guttman

The Golf Club is a new singer/songwriter duo made up of Elliot Cain and Cooper Holzman, based in City Terrace, California. With the drop of their debut single today, “soda stain,” The Golf Club makes an impressive first impression, with their groovy funk-leaning melodies and unique lyricism.

The Golf Club explains that “soda stain” is a reminiscent piece about the feeling of nostalgia. They describe – “you know that spot on your couch cushion from that one time that you flipped it over to cover up, but every time you lose the remote you see it again and it reminds you of that time when everything was awesome.” They add, “then you get all reminiscent because everything’s not as awesome as it used to be a few years ago. You try to sell the couch but realize that you won’t get back what you paid for it because there’s a stain on the cushion, so you just deal with the existential trauma that seeing the stain puts you through on a weekly basis?”

Who knew a stain could lead to a beautiful debut single? The track has a smooth, chill rhythm, which makes you want to dance while also singing along to their relatable message. The production incorporates various electronic elements, with ambient instrumentation, and funky drum fills, intertwined with their airy vocals to create the masterpiece that is “soda stain.” Check out The Golf Club’s new piece below.

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