The Lineup: The Best 6 Artists of April 2021


We're back with our April Lineup – featuring the best 6 rising artists each month. Whether you're into indie, pop, alternative, or hip-hop, you're going to want to get familiar with these faces. Learn more about all six artists below.

Terry Presume

Hometown: Naples, FL

Recommended Tracks: "Did Me Wrong," "Sorry Mrs. Jackson," "Don't Play Yourself"

Spotify Monthlies: 1,843

Terry Presume - Sheesh April Lineup 2021

Terry Presume rejects a traditional approach to making music. Instead, he sits between genres and chooses to make music personal to him. With each new track, Terry Presume lets you into his world as he commentates on life around him. His Finding Terry: Compilation assembles past singles and showcases his diverse style. Personal favorites “Don’t Play Yourself” and “Sorry Mrs. Jackson” blend hip hop, alternative, and indie-pop with ear worm hooks and a distinct vocal performance. “The Story of You and I” and “Momma” also land on the project and are displays of Terry Presume’s incredible consistency.

Terry Presume is finally back with his first new single since his Finding Terry: Compilation. “Did Me Wrong” is a somber reflection of a failed relationship while still being highly catchy. Terry Presume switches between smooth sung hooks and rapped verses effortlessly over a nostalgic indie-alternative instrumental.

“She did me wrong (why did she do me wrong)

Now I keep singing the same old song,

Ooh I should've known all along, should've known

But I'll keep on goin'

As this new wave of genre-bending artists continues to grow, Terry Presume will likely be at the forefront leading the charge. Alongside “Did Me Wrong,” Terry Presume also released a music video that perfectly captures the self-reflective tone of the track. Make sure to check out the Finding Terry: Compilation, the “Did Me Wrong” video, and be on the lookout for more new music soon from the multi-talented rising star. - Tyler Borland


Hometown: Melbourne, AU

Recommended Tracks: "boys wanna txt (feat. ericdoa)," "My Way Out," "Bloody Knees"

Spotify Monthlies: 96,218

daine - Sheesh April Lineup 2021

daine takes you to a place that is a wholly new territory, yet it somehow feels familiar. She is able to transcend this era of music in an almost futuristic sense, revamping popular music as we know it. Amidst the flourish of emo-pop artists onto the mainstream music scene, daine situates herself on the edge of their circle. Meaning to say that their influence is clear, especially on her more popularly-streamed tracks, but delve deeper into daine’s discography, and you’ll find each song layered and aching with a rare intensity.

Her stylistic versatility is clear, comfortably crooning over trap-laden beats and depressive reverb, but also mastering the hyper-pop genre. Her latest track, “boys wanna txt,” juxtaposes a 100 gecs-esque sound with her signature sad girl angst. Somehow, it just works. That seems to be a common theme for the Australian artist – she is able to transform any beat, genre, melody into a story. And a good one at that. A voice for the younger generation, she harkens to themes of desolation and youth, captivating you at first with her velvety vocals and keeping you there with her poignant lyricism and stylistic flair. - Audrey Brandes

Lance Redeker

Hometown: Concord, CA

Recommended Tracks: "Truman," "Keys," "Calvin's"

Spotify Monthlies: 18,332

Lance Redeker - Sheesh April Lineup 2021

San Francisco native, Lance Redeker, is a true creative – a young artist with dreams of stardom. Despite recently finishing high school, Lance is already proving to the world that he is an adept singer and songwriter, capable of writing standout hooks in any playlist. In 2020, he dropped an EP, Holbrook, which further validates his artistry and sets him apart from other rising artists, with his beautiful melodies and vocal riffs – a full display of his abilities front to back.

With Lance’s recent release of his song, “Truman,” listeners take a look into the creator that is Lance, and his growth just in the last year. The track vibrates indie pop sonics, radiating like the rays of a summer sunset – equal parts polished and carefree. Featuring warm guitar chords and unforgettable sing-a-long lyrics, the song has an energy that leaves listeners feeling warm and fuzzy inside. At his current trajectory, nothing appears to be in the way of Lance making major strides in the months to come. Without hesitation, we welcome Lance to April’s starting lineup. - Rachel Guttman


Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Recommended Tracks: "Proximity," "Sid and Nancy," "Devil's a Dylan"

Spotify Monthlies: 16,338

Keni - Sheesh April Lineup 2021

There’s been a recent crop of talent populating the left field pop scene with names like Silver Sphere, Maude Latour, and Ella Jane all finally starting to receive the attention they deserve. Without a doubt, Los Angeles artist Keni is the next name you’re going to need to know in this space.

Her latest single, “Proximity,” has all of the elements it needs to sit with the best of the best in this lane. First and foremost, Keni’s songwriting is that of a seasoned pop star, yet “Proximity” is only her third release. Pairing this with captivating vocal performances, and the type of production that’s really starting to move the genre forward - it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the world catches on and Keni gets the recognition she is due for.

With Keni’s previous single, “Sid and Nancy” still gaining steam and some Spotify editorial love for “Proximity,” Keni is right on track to the top and deservedly solidified a spot in April’s Line Up. Hop on the Keni hype train, claim your early card, and dive into her catalogue that is more than worth a listen. - Timothy Weber


Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

Recommended Tracks: "fooly cooly," "insecure," "get home safely,"

Spotify Monthlies: 70,479

boyband - Sheesh April Lineup 2021

The numbers don’t do Los Angeles based artist boyband justice. When taking a look under the hood, it’s evident that his talent is on a whole other level – in multiple different areas of the game. With a Grammy nomination for his production work on Lil Nas X’s “Kick It," and other producer credits on Young Thug, Gunna, and a plethora of other artists tracks, and writing credits all over the place – this becomes wildly apparent. These skills carry over beautifully to his own self-released music. Especially in his newest track, “fooly cooly," released earlier this month. This marks his solo return after a nine month hiatus.

“When you wake up, do you think of me? I wanna know,
When we break up, wonderin' if your true colors will show,
I was colorblind, knew I should've lived my life alone”

These are just a few of the well written lyrics from the catchy chorus of the song, mixed with his usual punk-rock inspired instrumentals, with flairs of other genres like hip-hop, indie pop, and even a little hyper-pop. His technical abilities are on full display with this one, showing off just how much he’s already improved in less than a year. Paired with the beautiful visuals in the accompanying video, directed by Anaperalta-Chong, it was a no brainer that boyband deserved to be featured in April’s starting lineup. - Seba Cowsill


Hometown: Bowie, MD

Recommended Tracks: "The Process," "Love Letters," "Talk To Me"

Spotify Monthlies: 11,186

Raegun - Sheesh April Lineup 2021

Existing somewhere at the crossroads of alternative, electronic, indie, and pop music, Raegun is gearing up to make 2021 her year. The label isn’t important, because her music flexes a natural affinity for songwriting and a careful ear for detail, no matter how small. Whether ruminating over romance or delivering a seasoned vocal performance over a chaotic mix, Raegun’s music is consistently polished no matter the genre. In the past year, fans have received a wide array of tracks from the Maryland native.

Raegun’s debut single “Next Week” is an indie-pop adjacent track whose upbeat emotional register features grunge-esque guitars in its final act. The single that followed, “Gomd," was a dramatic left-turn, leaning more towards hip-hop or hyper pop bangers than Raegun’s last track. This trend repeated itself half a dozen times – when fans thought they had Raegun tied down, she would fire back with an infectious curveball that almost seemed to resist the very labels used to understand her music.

In the wake of isolation-fueled quarantine malaise, Raegun converted her feelings of insecurity into one of the most innovative EP's released this year. After a year of successful pioneering singles, her new EP, Cherry Blossom Blooms, sees Raegun further blurring the lines between genres on three eclectic bangers. Whether on the alt rock-flavored “Love Letters,” or on the futuristic electro-pop cut “Scatterbrained," Raegun’s music has remained somehow cohesive among the genre-blurring, providing listeners with 100% honest vulnerability at every moment. Nobody knows what direction Raegun will go in the future, but if the past is any indicator – the music is sure to be great. Stream Cherry Blossom Blooms and you’ll see what we mean. - Carter Fife

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