Tierra Whack Is Proving That “Whack Ain’t Wack” on EP ‘Rap?’ [EP Review]

Freddie Fine

Perhaps the most perfectly named EP of the year, Tierra Whack’s Rap? certainly fits its title. Each track delivers something new and genre bending, oozing with confidence. It’s a top off to an incredible 2021 the artist and creator has had, while not releasing too much music she has been wildly successful. She released three singles – A collaboration with LEGO brought “Link,” an official track for the Madden NFL 22 soundtrack was titled “8,” and lastly single “Walk The Beat.” Through her aforementioned work with LEGO, as well as Adobe, and clothing and sneaker collaboration Vans which releases on December 3rd, Tierra Whack has continuously spread her message of being who you want to be. Her newest motto, “WHACK AIN’T WACK,” is the latest way she is doing this, with “WHACK” written in rainbow letters – voicing her support for the LGBTQ+ community and showing that they are not alone. She is proud of what she has accomplished and this is apparent in each of the three songs.

The first track, “Stand Up,” is loud and boastful, the perfect lead song off the EP. Rapping over a heavy bass, each line is sure to pop in your ears. Tierra Whack refers to herself as the queen throughout – and rightfully so. On the chorus she says, “let me fix my crown,” and the final line of the second verse is, “I am not the Queen? Sarcastic.” Her boastful lines reflect on her immense success, referring to “Link” and the work with LEGO, and ability to fly first class. Yet the fun loving Tierra Whack is still apparent on the track, with lines like, “Big Whack cause I eat a lot.” There is also a music video for “Stand Up” which accents her well-deserved feeling of royalty, and adds to the portrayal of her being the queen.

The second track opts for a more melodic, laid back flow. “Meagan Good” is an ode to an old lover. At the time, Tierra Whack thought the relationship would last forever. However, in retrospect she recognizes the relationship was holding her back and limited her potential, rapping, “I used to feel like I would die if we wasn't speakin' / Now I feel like I can fly and I found my beacon.” The beat allows her voice to shine, containing the perfect balance of intriguing loops while not doing too much. The track has quickly become a fan favorite, as a look at her Twitter and Instagram comments will make abundantly clear.

Last and certainly not least is my personal favorite track on the EP, “Millions.” Beginning with a sample reminiscent of Graduation era Kanye and a piano melody, the beat only progresses as the first verse goes on, adding in backing vocals, percussion, and bass. She seamlessly transitions between verses and chorus, feeling like one never ending verse in the best way possible. It’s another expression of Tierra Whack’s success and an affirmation that she will always set her goals higher than the rest, rapping “Y’all want millions? We want billions / Y’all want millions? We want trillions.” She wants to be more successful than everyone else and will stunt on you in the process.

The only bad thing I can say about this EP is that it’s only three songs long. However, it is apparent that Tierra Whack has blossomed into one of the best artists in the game, and if this is just a tease of what is to come then I can’t wait. Listen to Rap? below:

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