Top Ten Artists under 100,000 Spotify Monthly Listeners

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All too often, the music industry spends time giving praise to the biggest names in today’s game. To the same note, all too often the biggest names in today’s game are getting outperformed by artists who have yet to see the limelight, but are well on their way. Music is music, and there is an overwhelming amount of amazing songs, EPs, and albums being released from artists you might not know. In turn, we wanted to put some of those artists on your radar. Here are the top ten artists right now under 100,000 Spotify monthly listeners.

10. Terry Presume - 92,451 Monthly Listeners

Terry Presume Sheesh Media

Time is quickly running out to get Terry Presume on this list, as his monthly listeners are fast approaching the magic number of 100,000. Terry is unlike any other artist out today, with a unique delivery reminiscent of Andre 3000’s high-pitched vocals. He must be aware of this comparison, as he released a track titled “Sorry Mrs. Jackson” in his 2020 album Finding Terry: Compilation. Terry Presume is a refreshing twist on today’s cookie-cutter style of rap, with organic instrumentals and effortless pop-melodies that solidify themselves in his listeners ears. At the end of the day, I’m just happy I could fit Terry Presume in this article before the Florida-native blows up before our eyes. Check out his feature in our April Lineup here.

Suggested tracks: "Did Me Wrong," "Sorry Mrs. Jackson"

9. Dava - 70,621 Monthly Listeners

Dava Sheesh Media

Dava is a Sheesh veteran. Her track “ASOS” is an alluring display of her hit-making ability, and has been a steady add to all of my playlists since it’s release last July, when she earned an Artist Spotlight. Her mellow vocals atop trappy pop production is a match made in heaven. Dava clearly takes her time to perfect each track she releases, having a tight discography of only six singles since 2019. Her latest single “New Ceilings” is infused with electronic tones, as Dava’s verses are energetic, articulate, fast-tempo’d, and catchy to say the least. The definition of having no skips in her discography, Dava comes in at number nine.

Suggested tracks: "ASOS," "New Ceilings"

8. ALX - 66,586 Monthly Listeners

ALX Sheesh Media

Not only is ALX my favorite Instagram follow, but he is also one of my most listened to artists. The Florida-native strikes a unique balance between vocals that are both gravely and undeniably smooth. Only starting to release music on Spotify in 2020, ALX already has two tracks over 1 million streams. His 2021 debut “Right Guy” is a melodic pop-rocker track with a hook that’ll make you bop your head. That’s a promise. ALX has the talent of his older brother Dominic Fike, with the persona of a comedian, and the charisma of a star. That’s a triple threat, if I’ve ever seen one before.

Suggested tracks: "Right Guy," "Misses FL"

7. 451 - 72,821 Monthly Listeners

451 Sheesh Media

The first time I heard 451, I wondered if it was really just Travis Scott’s British alter ego. The London-based artist writes, produces, and engineers his own tracks, culminating in a dark R&B sound with vocals reminiscent of the trap king himself: Trav. His 2021 album Night Vision took him to a new level, and you can find our In Review article for it here. 451 is a master when it comes to creating singalong hooks, and mixing his electronic melodies to perfection. One of my current favorites, 451 has been delivering slapper after slapper since 2018, and it’s about time he gets the respect he deserves.

Suggested Tracks: "Nobu No More," "One Hyde Park"

6. Yuki Dreams Again - 7,561 Monthly Listeners

While Yuki Dreams Again is the only artist on this list under 10,000 monthly listeners, he may very well be the most talented. With only four songs to date, each has made it into my liked tracks. After being featured in our March Lineup, Yuki has been one of my favorite artists because of his versatility and energy. The Montreal-based artist is groovy and rhythmic, and has been building a small, cult-like following from the very beginning. His latest single, “Pretty Face,” is melodic and effortless, as Yuki talks about a girl with a pretty face, who’s pretty fake. Yuki Dreams Again is honest, infectious, and incredibly underrated.

Suggested Tracks: "Pretty Face," "Cold World"

5. Charlie Houston - 82,558 Monthly Listeners

Charlie Houston Sheesh Media

Charlie Houston’s Spotify bio reads, “I just want my songs to be super authentic and address shit that all young people deal with.” Well, Charlie, congratulations. You’re music is exactly that. Garnering an impressive 82,000 monthly Spotify listeners from her first five songs released in 2021, she has built an audience that not only loves her music, but loves her persona. Her melancholic vocals and simple, slow-tempo’d production offers a dreamy vibe that is mysteriously alluring. Her debut five-song EP I Hate Spring was one of my favorite releases of 2021 so far, with her track “19” stealing the show, in my opinion. She sings, “I’m sure you’ll be just fine is what my parents say / They don’t know what it’s like 19 in modern day.” Having made her way into Friday Finds, we predict she’ll soon make her way into the hearts of the masses. In turn, Charlie Houston kicks off the top five.

Suggested Tracks: "19," "Calls"

4. Hans Williams - 79,072 Monthly Listeners

Hans Williams Sheesh Media

Hans Williams only released one track in 2020: “Body on My Shoulders,” and it touched the hearts of thousands. The Vermont-native has an unparalleled knack to elicit emotions from his listeners between his raw, honest lyricism and soulful vocals. More recently, Hans Williams released “Weekend,” which is a warm summer jam, with upbeat production and his patented laid-back melodies. Splicing folk sounds with alt-pop threads, the rising singer and songwriter has an undeniably bright future. As he takes his time as a perfectionist to craft his best work, his audience awaits new releases at the edge of their seats. I know I am.

Suggested Tracks: "Body On My Shoulders," "Weekend"

3. Richie Quake - 48,432 Monthly Listeners

Richie Quake Sheesh Media

Richie Quake is for fans of Tame Impala. His airy vocals and groovy, nostalgic production is something out of a dream. Richie is a musical savant, as he solely writes, produces, and acts as the instrumentalist for all of his music. Every song puts listeners in a trance, especially two of his 2021 releases, “Rules” and “Sensitive,” which have been on repeat throughout my summer. What’s more impressive? Richie Quake is completely unsigned. Releasing music since 2017, he has continuously perfected his sound, and it’s only a matter of time before A&Rs are calling, and Richie takes his career to the next level. The Brooklyn-native earns the bronze medal.

Suggested Tracks: "Rules," "Sensitive"

2. anees - 95,748 Monthly Listeners

anees Sheesh Media

There are two words for anees: Good vibes. I was equal parts surprised and excited when I saw anees barely made the cut for the criteria of this article, since he’s received a ton of hype surrounding his last two singles, “Slip” and “Love is Crazy.” To put it in perspective, “Love is Crazy” is nearing 100,000 Spotify Streams, and it’s been less than 10 days since it’s release. Impressive, right? It’s rare to see anees without a smile on his face, and this has rubbed off on his fanbase, who piggy-backs his positive energy when listening to his infectious music. A Sheesh veteran, our community has seen him freestyle rap on an Artist Takeover, fell in love with him with “Slip,” and confirmed our love with the release of “Love is Crazy.” With articulate verses, simple singalong choruses, and upbeat production, anees is awarded with the silver medal.

Suggested Tracks: "Slip," "Love is Crazy"

1. Baby Phace - 19,922 Monthly Listeners

Baby Phace Sheesh Media

Last but not least, Baby Phace comes in at the top spot. Repping New Jersey (yes, I’m from New Jersey so it makes me proud to type this), Baby Phace is a lyrical genius and flow guru, with his talents on full display in his latest single “Invictus.” Putting out music since 2018, Baby has slowly improved his sound and expanded his horizons. Having the ability to sing hooks with an R&B sound, then slip into intricate verses, there is nothing he can’t do. Possessing undeniable versatility, Baby Phace’s discography has something for everyone. I’ll be honest, at Sheesh we were a little late to the Baby Phace movement, having placed him in our Friday finds playlist this past May, but now we are here, and we are here to stay. To round out our top ten artists under 100,000 monthly Spotify listeners, Baby Phace earns the gold medal.

Suggested Tracks: "Invictus," "On and On"

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