Verzache Unleashes His Latest Single “Mouth Full of Dirt”

Perry Avgerinos

You ever just take a fist full of dirt and toss it back? No, of course not. But, maybe Verzache does, who knows?? Jokes aside, anytime our brother Verzache drops, we’re stoked to have another jam to blast in the car. Today, the Toronto native unleashed “Mouth Full of Dirt” and it’s the summer boost we needed.

Leaning into his indie-rock side, the track boasts a high energy, jump up and down tempo having you sing along with the chorus “face down, face down, still dreaming with a mouth full of dirt / hope I never learn, I hope I never learn.” As always, Verzache fuses potent vocals with light, but stylistic flanger infused processing, with crisp drum pockets, and electric guitars. No two Verzache songs sound the same, but you can always expect top level melodies, production, and songwriting.

His third single of the year, Verzache keeps giving, as he builds towards his next project. If you don’t know much about Verzache, tap into our recent podcast we did with him, and be prepared to laugh. Listen to “Mouth Full of Dirt” below:

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