Therapy with Vwillz's Latest Release “ENDORPHINS” Sounds Tempting?

Emma Neveuex

Fun fact: when you release endorphins, you don’t experience the extreme highs of depression and anxiety – at least that’s what I’ve learned by listening to Vwillz latest release: “ENDORPHINS”. 

While it seems that therapists are starting to emerge as one’s next best friend, let me suggest that we collectively embark on a little fun group therapy while listening along to this soothing and witty track.

Once again, the Colorado singer shines bright under his vulnerability and managed to juggle like a pro between deep emotions and a catchy uplifting energy. The inspiration behind this song stems from his personal struggle with mental health and his journey of self-discovery in hope to find a solution. Listen up closely, because that sense of freedom and looseness we all aspire to, is here in that track. Vwillz graciously offers it to you, so take it, it’s doctor recommended. His touch of lo-fi blended with pop, sustained by an uplifting guitar and perfectly timed bass interventions, literally makes you feel the gradual climb of endorphins in your body.  The musical signature of this piece clearly sets forward his past influences and collaborations such as The Kid LAROI or The Futuristics.

If you were already a fan, then enjoy this new treat, it’s Vwillz certified. And if you’re just discovering, well you’re starting off your ride with loaded endorphins setting you straight for what you’re about to embark on next.

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