Vwillz Shows off His One-Of-A-Kind Sound on “Let Me Down”

Kieran Kohorst

In most cases, innovation is produced through calculated risk. Occasionally caution must be thrown to the wind, resulting in more of a leap of faith rather than a conscious attempt. Colorado singer Vwillz best relates to the former, seemingly guided by impulse when it comes to his recordings. At a time when genres are more fluid than ever, Vwillz tests the limits of music’s bounds. He’s not afraid of adding 2 + 2 and getting 5 as a result, as evidenced on his latest single, “Let Me Down”.

The spacious track sees him intermixing hip-hop with country and pop, confidently melodic with a spontaneous accent. At times it sounds as if there is an unnamed feature on the track, only to credit Vwillz for his versatile approach to both writing and performing on the track. His variability is in high demand, proven by his list of collaborators: The Futuristics, Sam Martin, The Kid Laroi, Don Tolliver, Morgan Wallen, and Ben Johnson have all tapped Vwillz to challenge and expand their own, respectively successful sounds. With just one listen to “Let Me Down”, it is clear why his style is sought after: not only is it individualistic, but one of the more progressive approaches in music.

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