Artist Spotlight: whiterosemoxie

Perry Avgerinos

From an unusual start in music, whiterosemoxie has set himself on spreading his encouraging energy, while shattering standards for hip-hop artistry. The emerging rapper out of the west side of Detroit has been raising eyebrows with his mature sound and perceptive lyrical content despite just turning 18. Immediately after waking up from an asthma-induced coma when he was 8, Moxie had a sudden epiphany, urged to create music, despite no prior experience. His name "whiterose" stems from his role model, Kanye West's reference of "always keeping that inner child purity alive" and "moxie" meaning to get back up whenever life knocks you down. Safe to say he's taken control and is sprinting into the scene with his recent EP release "white ceilings," his coming of age story inspired by constantly growing up in basement atmospheres with white ceilings. Inspired by an eclectic range of artists and genres such as alt-rock, Moxie caught heat with his 808 driven anthem "whitegold" from the way he effortlessly preaches bars enthralling listeners attention with his ripened tone.

Just named one of the "Best New Artists of the Month" of April by Pigeons & Planes, Moxie aims to be the voice of his generation, paving a new future for Detroit artists, and we're captivated in watching him lead the way.

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