Who Is Anabella Paige?

Kieran Kohorst
Credit: Christophe Von Hohenberg

When it comes to the phenomenon of history repeating itself, music is no exception. Even in new contexts and circumstances, the essence of the past persists. Whether it be in the reemergence of a trend, the ominous force behind one’s voice, the echoing style of artists who have come before, or otherwise, music seems to be constantly repopulating with figures of its past, ready to shape its future. 

Now taking the stage to this same effect is 17-year-old NYC singer-songwriter Anabella Paige, a young talent following in the footsteps of evocative storytellers decades before her. In naming Norah Jones and Jane Birkin as influences, Paige has revealed the lineage to which she belongs, emulating their style with her own modern, timeless take. “This was heavenly / the memory weighs so heavily / it was cold shock, it was heavenly / warmed by the pressure, I remember it all,“ she sings on latest single “This I Miss,” with a sample of The O’Jays’ “A Prayer” adding to the tangible nostalgia of the track. Paige’s maturity is evident on first listen, and only continues to develop in her perspective: “Some people come into your life at a specific place and time for a reason,” she says in a press release. “And I’ve found that it’s better to acknowledge that rather than wish you could have it forever, allowing it to lose the specialness that it had.” 

“This I Miss” serves as Paige’s second official release, following debut single “Bandage” from earlier this year. For as confident as her songs appear, they were born out of insecurity - growing up, Paige moved from state to state frequently, leading to dedicated soul-searching. The pen and paper traveled with her, providing her with the clarity we hear in her music today. She continues to build on her foundation as a student at NYC’s Professional Children School, which boasts alumni of the likes of Jack Antonoff, Vanessa Carlton, and Yo Yo Ma, among others. She’s already begun sharing these songs to live audiences, having joined Rosie on her recent US tour and opening for William Joseph Cook in a hometown show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC. It's easy to see where Paige is going from here, if not clear from her can’t-miss talent then obvious by way of the trajectory established for her by the formative voices of generations prior.

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