Who is Brendan Bennett?

Tyler Borland

In the past few years, Florida has been a hotbed for some of the most influential artists and rising scenes. Right at the center of this new wave of pioneers is the multi-talented, Brendan Bennett. The Naples native is a singer, writer, executive producer, and the founder of his own Independent record label, Off Center. Through a handful of singles over the past couple years and a full-length album titled Pop Tracks & Love Songs, Brendan Bennett has built himself a dedicated fanbase.

His newest single “SAME DAMN SONG” is one of his catchiest to date. The chorus “I’m so tired of the same damn songs I always try to write, I’m so tired of the way I’m feeling every fucking night” perfectly emphasizes his ability to contrast gloomy, despondent lyrics with a bright vocal delivery and colorful instrumentals. Bennett’s writing is personal and vulnerable, while at the same time managing to be relatable to the average listener.

“SAME DAMN SONG” is Brendan Bennett at his best. Longtime fans of the artist will not be disappointed and for new listeners, this track is an ideal introduction as the artist continues to improve with every new release. “SAME DAMN SONG” is another single teasing the release of his upcoming album DID I DREAM THIS LIFE OF MINE? which will undoubtedly be as compelling as the rest of his discography.

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