Who Is EDEN? [Interview]

Ian Hansen

Words can’t explain how creative EDEN is when taking parts of multiple genres and blending it into his own sonic palette. His recent single, “Sci-Fi” exemplifies this, as he blends alt-pop with electronic undertones, putting together a head-bobbing banger. EDEN goes with the flow of what he is feeling at the time and allows his musical knowledge to pave the way for his creative direction. Get to know EDEN below:

Congrats on the release, “Sci-fi.” What was the creative direction you took with the tracks and what was the process of bringing it together?

The track started after I accidentally played some drums I was working on over an ambient song that I was obsessed with at the time. This kickstarted the creative process and I very quickly had the song written. The production side of things went through multiple phases, I pretty much took the vocal and started again at least twice. In the end the track ended up including elements of all the various versions of the song that I had explored.

Each release this year has brought a completely different sound. How important is it to be versatile like that as an artist?

I think for me it just reflects my relationship with music. I love so many different subgenres and subcultures, I really wanted to let that resonate in what I create. I like to allow the music to go wherever it wants - if I boxed it in it would feel dishonest.

How did you develop your sound over time?

I think it's a continual process of realizing that any boundaries are self-imposed. I constantly have these breakthrough moments where it suddenly becomes obvious again that the best moments are when you combine things that before felt very separate or unrelated, but together they bring you somewhere brand new.

Starting from the beginning, what got you into music at a younger age?

As far back as I can remember I was always obsessed with music. I was singing along to songs before I knew that songs were made of words and not just random noises. My parents then put me in music lessons when I was old enough. I started teaching myself other instruments that I would borrow too, and then finally production when I first got my hands on garageband when I was 12 or 13.

How did growing up and Dublin and now living in London inspire your music?

Growing up, I never really had any guidance in terms of what I was listening to. So the major influence outside of life and culture there would be learning to dig and find my way through music. What I was exposed to from friends or nights out was so wildly different from what I was looking for and finding by myself. Now in London I feel like my world has been opened up to so much more than I could ever find by myself.

What goes through your head when you see your music take off like it has?

I've actually never thought about this. I guess it's some form of relief. I think we all really believe in what we do, so when it connects it's more of a feeling of vindication than amazement.

What’s the biggest thing you want your fans to grasp from your music?

There is a feeling when you find something that really resonates with you that I love. It can soundtrack your life, or feel like you've discovered some way to communicate a part of yourself, or it can just feel really right. If what I make can evoke that in someone that cool.

If you could collaborate with anybody, who would it be?

At the moment: dijon, oli xl, otta, and Westside Gunn

What’s next? What goals do you have and what else can fans look forward to?

I'm already working on what's next. I feel really energized.

Describe EDEN in three words.

I feel reborn.

Biggest piece of advice to young creatives who want to make it in music?

Just start and don’t stop. Keep going.

What do you do to escape music?

Going for a walk without headphones.

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