Who Is Elias Hix?

Nate Fenningdorf

The music sphere is packed to the brim with emerging talent, but it’s still hard to come across an artist who produces, mixes, and masters all of their own music — and by the way, the artist I’m hinting at is 17 years old. World, meet Elias Hix, a South Carolina native who’s on-track to become your next favorite artist.

Although he’s still in high school, the budding artist dropped one of the most sonically advanced albums of 2023 in Thinner. The 9-track album features a beautiful blend of country, indie, and folk, top-notch songwriting, and uniquely sculpted instrumentals. These characteristics combine to create a well-rounded album that is a definite 10/10. Thinner is highlighted by Hix’s best-performing track to date, “Mud-Stained Dress.” With over 250k streams on Spotify in under two months, the track has become a favorite for hundreds of Hix’s listeners — including me. Throughout the chorus of the track, the rising star utilizes grand guitar strums and a grabbing vocal melody that features illustrative lyrics such as “Like dogs we’ll run through fields green and gold.” Side note: I need to give you a quick word of advice. Next time you’re driving, proceed as follows: play “Mud-Stained Dress,” turn your car's volume up all the way, roll all the windows down, finally, sing your heart out to this exquisite song.

Now, Elias Hix is gearing up to release a new song, and I’m willing to bet that it’s going to be another one-of-a-kind indie-folk banger. Don’t let Hix slip off your radar, he’s undoubtedly going to continue trending upward through the rest of 2023.

Monthly Listeners: 50,435

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