Who is Envy Ojay?

Ian Hansen

I have been really fascinated with the underground hip hop scene for some time now, and any time I can find an artist who is pushing boundaries, it makes me elated because it isn’t always common. Envy Ojay is one of those artists who doesn’t have to say much to illustrate his charisma and aesthetic that makes him distinctive. His recent track “Get Fly” expands his sound and elevates him to another level.

Envy Ojay has already been active with some big names already, working with the likes of Internet Money, Jetson Made, and Lancey Foux — even touring with Lancey. The New Jersey artist is only 19 years old and is ahead of his time. “Get Fly” highlights his passions of European fashion with a snappy chorus over these distorted 808s. Envy Ojay is just getting started and “Get Fly” makes his hit making capabilities ever more clear.

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