Who is Finn Harry?

Perry Avgerinos

Fusing alternative-rock soundscapes, with downtempo live indie drums, newcomer Finn Harry brings light to a sound formerly found in a lounge/basement type of venue, that's been suppressed due to the global pandemic. With the release of his second single "SPLIT THE POWER," Finn Harry arrives at the perfect time, for music fans eager for live music.

Having just debuted his project at the start of 2021, Harry has revealed an impressive take on a 60's rock inspired genre, putting modern production techniques, and tasteful distortion to an imposing fashion. Produced/written/performed by Harry, you can tell he gets the grander picture of being an artist, with great attention to detail to his sound and matching aesthetic. Seen in his visualizer playing guitar in a dark-lit room, accented with vibrant LED's, the live atmosphere is further imprinted in my mind as Finn Harry rocks his flowy hair back in forth, in full rhythm with his guitar riffs. Both of his two singles, the first being "MURDER," (not as aggressive as the title suggests), are well-worth the listen, at minimum to cleanse your ears from the traditional mainstream pop sound that feels intoxicatingly saturated as of late. Finn is well on his way to make a name for himself in 2021, and beyond.

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