Who is Katozai?

Ian Hansen

Pure energy is the best way to describe one of the most electric underground artists out right now. Katozai also takes consistency to the next level, as he has released 12 songs and a four song EP, cantslimek.

The first track on the EP, “envy,” is filled with boisterous 808s while Katozai absolutely shines with electrifying vocals and unhinged flows that makes him stand out from the rest. It also features a fantastic appearance from Xhulooo. The next track, “150” is simply meant for shows. Starting with the build up to the drop, I can just picture thousands of people jumping and moshing.

The third track, “pain” is an experimental and angelic song that reminds me of a sci-fi video game soundtrack. Katozai once again allows his vocals to absolutely shine, as he uses his vocals as an instrument. The final track, “no trace,” has an unreal drum bounce that he once again bodies.

Get used to the name Katozai, as he is going to be around for a while. The beats he uses are otherworldly and he can do so much with his vocals that amplify his sonic palette.

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