Who is kiryuu?

Ian Hansen

There are so many artists in this new wave of hip-hop right now that haven’t quite found their own sound in this era of rockstar synthy “rage,” but kiryuu isn’t one of them. He sets himself apart and brings something to the table that is compelling and creative.

First off, he has a knack for melodies and his performance on his recent track, “VtmntsCasket,” highlights everything that makes him great. He is a born rockstar and the chopped up sample he sings over says everything about his artistry. The tonality in his vocals is unique to anything I have heard in this realm of hip-hop, and it has me intrigued to see how he continues to progress as an artist.

kiryuu is going to keep growing, and once he does, the shows are going to rock out unlike anything we have seen. He has a charisma to his sound and the beats are disgustingly rich of energy. Keep an eye on kiryuu this year because he is setting up to have a big 2023.

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