Who Is Lyrah?

Kieran Kohorst

Every artist's journey is unique, but for LA-based songwriter Lyrah it seemed inevitable she would end up making a career out of music. It wasn’t always her somberly magnetic voice that drew the attention of the industry; instead, it was her business acumen that made Lyrah a must-have talent for streaming services and creative teams alike. She worked in Silicon Valley as a product designer before being lured away by her love for music, where she continued to innovate by creating the Record Deal Simulator for artists to gain better insights into their career decisions. Even while working in an unrelated field, Lyrah’s intentions were elsewhere. "I'm on an alternative path to music, in the same way I designed the record deal simulator that broke down a complex deal structure for artists," Lyrah says. "I treated myself as my own label. I saved up money while at (Facebook) to pursue music on my own terms. There is more than one way to pursue your passion, and you can begin it while in your job."

Her history suggests that Lyrah is acutely aware of her surroundings, determined to turn weaknesses into strengths through uncommon self-awareness. This inference is only strengthened by the steadfast cohesiveness of her own music. While her journey to making her art was nonlinear, Lyrah’s upward trajectory has seen a steady climb with each release. Her career in music began in writing toplines at a record company before evolving into a solo act. In business terms that her former colleagues would understand, Lyrah’s decision to take center stage has proved profitable beyond projections. Her 2022 release “Hold Me” sets the tone for her music as a quietly intense, electronic-tinged ballad, delivering half-hearted promises and full-fledged emotions. The weight of her pen is more than that of her voice, but the two form a tandem not to be taken lightly.

Today, Lyrah shares single “Dream You Better,” a song that sounds as idyllic and euphoric as its title suggests. With her head in the clouds, the electronic currents of the track provide a rush of unabashed adoration. Romance is at the center of the track, but the relationship at hand is not that of a partner but a city, specifically San Francisco. “I’ll always think of the bridge disappearing into the fog and the top of Potrero Hill capturing the city lights with the stars,” shares Lyrah. When writing the song, she says she “was reminiscing on the cold nights of being out with friends, staying until last call, and taking in everything.” These simple moments are visible in the levity of the track, emblematic of the city’s “haunting beauty,” as the artist describes it. “Dream You Better” succeeds in building anticipation for Lyrah’s upcoming EP, set for release this summer. Watch the music video below.

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