Who is Marjety?

Ian Hansen

Pennsylvania artist, Marjety, is just 17 years old and is already making his name known with over a million Spotify streams on his song, “Wild Wild,” and almost a million TikTok likes of videos featuring his music.

His most recent single, “I Don’t Care” is a prime example of his ability to bring a euphoric atmosphere with spacey synths, unique drum patterns, and bars that will make have you bouncing your head. He is in a similar lane of SoFaygo, K Suave, and a lot of the new wave hip hop blowing up right, but he has an edge to him that separates him from the rest. He is a name that you should keep your eyes on because he isn’t going away any time soon and will continue to grow.

He is an artist I am very excited about because of his pure energy and ability to create songs that people will mosh pit to and slower songs that will have his audience feeling like they are on Saturn. Other songs that are must-listens is Groupie Love, Wild Wild, and wwydwm.

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