Who is Novet?

Olive Soki

A passionate and dynamic artist, Novet’s colorful discography spans far and wide. Having nurtured an unwavering love for music throughout his youth, it comes to no surprise his music mirrors that fact and much more. From clever verses rooted in Hip-Hop and unmistakably enticing and melodious RnB choruses, Novet has a song for you.

Like some of the most precious journeys and music stories, the Iowa native has been progressively building a following. Having established an audience in various countries and released both solo and collaborative projects, Novet is building a solid foundation for what could only coalesce into a prolific career. Backing up this trajectory, he offers his most recent single “Slow Mo.” Feathery and endearing, “Slow Mo” is another perfect track to add to your pending summer playlist. Infatuation, paired with playful banter and delicate yet soulful instrumentation, you really can’t go wrong with this easy going track.

Do yourself a favor and check out “Slow Mo,” and get lost in Novet’s infinite musical universe.

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