Who is Sanye?

Perry Avgerinos

Putting Boston, Massachusetts on the map, 18-year-old Sanye continues to show his development and arsenal of vocal cadences with his latest single "Down For Me."

First arriving on DSPs in 2018, Sanye has been delivering intricate flows, riding any beat thrown his way with a calm confidence – with low radar detection. With only 188 Spotify followers at the time of writing this, Sanye continues to be slept on, deserving much more attention for his talents. With his standout single in 2020, "Stoicism Lol," showcasing his harder flows and lyricism, Sanye pivots his sound with "Down For Me," proving he is also capable of singing soulful R&B hooks – just as well.

Sanye is still developing and experimenting with his sound based off of his current releases, improving with each new drop. I'm looking forward to hearing Sanye's style to continue to evolve, but for now listen to Sanye's latest release below.

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