Who is sudbath?

Ian Hansen

One of my favorite aspects about certain new artists is when they create a brand or character for themselves surrounding their music. Atlanta’s sudbath just released his first track of 2023, ”ghost,” and if you see a man dressed in a ghost costume, it's probably sudbath. Beyond the fun aesthetic surrounding the track, he's one of my favorite new alternative-pop acts emerging in the growing scene.

“ghost” is another step in the right direction for sudbath as he sings an emotive chorus over a buoyant guitar riff that comes together for an addictive listening experience. Not only is sudbath an incredible singer, he produces his own music and writes all of his lyrics. Everything comes from his heart which is evident in the raw nature of the track. It is authentic to sudbath and the tonality and songwriting — which is about finding himself in the midst of figuring out who is real and fake — can’t be manufactured. I truly think sudbath is on the verge of being known by the entire world and that day is going to be a good day.

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