Who Is Sughn?

Olive Soki

These days, considering the currently ambiguous state of musical categories, combining genres can either be a hit or miss. Similarly to mixology, it’s all about picking the right elements and blending them in such a way that appears to be seamless to the listener. Thankfully for us, singer-songwriter Sughn is no stranger to the craft. Born in California and raised in Houston, Texas, Sughn got her start in music as the second half of an indie-folk duo. When she started her solo career she took a liking to experimentation, which explains her unique blend of folk, indie and RnB.

Following the positive feedback from her debut single, which caught the attention of the likes of A$AP Ferg and Sharon Van Ettan she released a self-produced project, titled tape in a loop. The project served as a perfect introduction to her style and ethereal takes on her genre-bending sound. Now ready to share more music with the world, Sughn is preparing to release her debut studio album. The latest, and second single off the project titled “last goodbye” is an exciting teaser as to what's to come.

Uptempo yet easy going, “last goodbye” is a nostalgic track, which — speaking of mixology — perfectly blends her RnB influences with the tenderness of indie and folk genres. The sonic personification of early Autumn days, “last goodbye” is a seasonal must you should definitely check out.

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