Who Is Ty2Fly?

Ian Hansen

If there is someone who is on the verge of stardom, it is Tampa, Florida'sTy2Fly. He just released the animated jersey club banger, “PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG,” which has been gaining traction on TikTok.

The track has so many different layers and the build up is out of this world. When the bass comes in, it feels like you are transported to the Death Star. My favorite part of the track and the catchiest is when he says, “You good? I’m straight. We Cool? Okay.” It leads into another anthemic drop that will absolutely make a crowd go crazy.

Florida’s next up and coming artist also released the catchy and more melodic cut, “GFU,” which showcases how versatile Ty2Fly truly is. He has a knack at lyrics that will stick with an audience, and there is no surprise that he is gaining the amount of traction he is. I am stoked to how far he goes in the music industry, as I believe he has true longevity in his career.

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