Who is Xerces?

Every so often, an artist who possesses unmatched musical abilities reinvigorates the music scene by providing original sounds and ideas. Whether it’s Kanye West, Pharrell, or Billie Eilish, having the ability to produce, mix, master, and perform vocals on any given track can automatically put any artist at the forefront of the music industry. An artist with the potential to join this elite group of musicians is Xerces, an 18-year-old multi talented artist from Baltimore, Maryland.

Growing up, Xerces lived in Delhi, India and Nashville, Tennessee — both of which have had major influences on his life. The time Xerces spent in Delhi, India made him learn how to stand out, while living in Nashville made him a more artistic individual. Today, Xerces lives in the DMV area where he greatly contributes to the underground scene in the musically-budding area.

Xerces has produced and engineered for dozens of artists including but not limited to Aviad, Dre Waves, Kwame Adu, Tec, Young Wabo, DDK, Diz, Deadpan and Chasay. Right now, the rising artist and producer has credit for over 15 million streams — a number he plans on growing exponentially in the coming years. For his own artist project Xerces currently has hundreds of thousands of streams on songs that feature off-kilter sounds that have resonated with thousands of listeners across the world.

Xerces attributes his ability to create one-of-a-kind soundscapes from scratch due to his non-traditional upbringing. He’s a classically trained violinist — taught at the Trinity College of London — he can also play piano, guitar and rap.  

Looking forward, Xerces plans on becoming a platinum producer within the next 5 years. Further, he wants to stand out as an anomaly within the realm of hip-hop. Given his impressive track record, don’t be surprised when he reaches worldwide stardom for his musical abilities.


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