Willy P Shares a Tale of Growth and Metamorphosis With His EP ‘Right Where I Should Be’ [EP Review]

Olive Soki

Oftentimes, facing windows of turbulence in any aspect of our lives can ground our emotions in the present, making it hard to consider any silver linings. It is only once you’ve made it to the other side that you can both process and also accept the necessity of these evolutionary periods. In the last year Willy P experienced some of the most turbulent years of his life. And while they proved to be harder than desired, they allowed him to grow and move onto a new chapter in his life. Reporting back from a new and improved state of mind, he shares his latest EP Right Where I Should Be.

Executed with great and admirable precision, Right Where I Should Be, follows the progression of a transformative period in an accurately linear way. Composed of a conceptual exposition, introduction, conflict, rising action, climax, and conclusion, the story writes itself while giving listeners room to appropriate each track to their own experiences.

The opening track “ Who Am I?” feels like the beginning of something new. Barring some distorted chords, Willy’s easy going chant and laid back percussion, “Who Am I?” is a blank slate waiting to be decorated by unpredictable prospects. The events that take place after the aforementioned expositions turn out to be less pleasant than what one would necessarily hope for.

“Sorry Now” finds Willy in the middle of heartbreak. As he tries to come to terms with the possibility of ending a long-term relationship he opts to leave without looking back to avoid inevitable instances of doubt and drawbacks. Sticking to his gut, “Good Day” sees him coming into his own post-breakup. Breezy and hopeful, there is an element of gratitude that invites listeners to sink into a safe and sunny place. The two final tracks on the EP feel like he's finally starting anew, only this time with a refreshed and positive outlook on life. Back on his two feet and sure as one can be, he finally knows who he is and more importantly where exactly he should be.

Honest and self-reflective, Right Where I Should Be follows an evolutionary experience that shaped the person he is in this present moment. Interwoven with laid back instrumentals and pertinent prose, Willy P offers us a project sure to reflect each and every one of our lives.

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