WizTheMc Opens up in Latest Release, “Break”

Perry Avgerinos

Hitmaker, WizTheMc is an artist with an infectious voice that is instantly recognizable. As we continue to be glued to WizTheMc's musical journey, the Toronto-based artist shows listeners a softer side to his artistry, with the indie-pop laden single, "Break."

With a sound self-described as "borderless music," WizTheMc manages to continuously make hooks that you can't help but sing along to – no matter the structure or instrumentation used to execute his ideas. "Break" explores the separation of a romantic connection with someone, using a pulsing bassline to represent one's heartbeat, and the ups and downs that come with any relationship. WizTheMc has a rocker-esque rasp to his vocal tone, with a pop polish, allowing his words to connect with listeners on a wider scale.

Wiz continues to write meaningful anthems, inspired by the world around him, growing and maturing with the music he writes. WizTheMc told us, “I feel like it’s an empowering idea for artists that we are not really the ones in control to make something meaningful. We don’t have to understand anything to make anything great, we just have to be there and show up and let the music come through us.” It's this authenticity that has rewarded WizTheMc's hard work with multiple hits, and continues to be the x factor to his continued success.

Whether this is your first time hearing of WizTheMc or a returning fan, "Break" is worth the listen. Check it out below.

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