WizTheMc Shares His Remorseful Single, “When I Get Lonely”

Olive Soki

In 2017 WizTheMc moved from Germany to Toronto to pursue a music career full-time. Following this abrupt change of pace he spent a couple years networking, rubbing shoulders with artists alike and honing his craft. What came of this were 2 EPs released a year after his big move, followed by his first mixtape released in 2020. His work and dedication were received with open arms by fans and he even signed to label 10k Projects that year which helped push his music even further. A breakout single and EP later, and we find ourselves in the present where his latest EP Where Silence Feels Good was released in the summer.

Continuing his never-ending streak of good music, he brings to us his latest single “When I get Lonely.” A fast-paced and well balanced track, “When I Get Lonely” is a plea sonically disguised as a feel good jam. Singing emotively about remorse, desires for reassurance, and proximity – Wiz wraps you up in an exhilarating and sorrowful narrative. Grounding basslines and percussion, decorated with occasional synth chords, serve as a lush backdrop to his vocals, which bring vitality to his lyrics. Wavering in the slightest ways he brings a sense of urgency hinting at the importance and significance of the track.

Finishing up the year on a prosperous note, WizTheMc is joining Kid Bloom on his fall tour. A perfect opportunity to experience his talent live and celebrate his latest project.

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