Worry Club Takes Rock to Another Level with 'All Frogs Go To Heaven' [EP Review]

Ian Hansen

There is nothing more invigorating than witnessing an artist or band pour their heart and soul into a project that not only exudes coherence but also encapsulates their true essence. This is precisely the case with Worry Club's latest venture, All Frogs Go To Heaven.

Comprising six songs that symbolize the six stages of grief and self-discovery amidst life's trials, this EP leaves an indelible mark. The opening track, "Nothin," serves as an explosive introduction to the project, boasting distorted guitars that transport you to a moshpit paradise. Chase's celestial vocals resonate flawlessly, setting the perfect tone for what lies ahead.

Within the EP, "The Pact" and "Same Name" stand out as exceptional tracks, showcasing the interplay between anger and hope. Worry Club excels at conveying raw emotions, and these two pieces exemplify their mastery. Personally, "sucker punch" holds a special place in my heart, delving into the themes of resilience and unexpected challenges in life. The heavenly guitar work complements the song beautifully, making it an absolute masterpiece.

Worry Club continues to solidify their position as one of the most consistent up-and-coming rock bands. Armed with a stellar ability to balance ethereal qualities and their unapologetically hardcore edge, their passion shows no signs of waning.

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